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The Archive will make vital records available under the following conditions:


1. The vital records are located in the GENETEKA database. Before placing the order please verify if the record is entered into the database. A list of indexed parishes and their individual registers can be found here.


2. To order a vital record, use the form located on the Contact page. The order should contain the name of the parish, year, type of record (birth, marriage or death), name of person(s) and record number. If there is no number, please provide the page number (information on the page number can be found in the comments column). In the absence of the page number, the data should be given in the same way as for Latin acts.


Parish:  Sochaczew  type:  birth certificate,  year:  1855,  record number:  48; the name of the person or persons:  Józefa Adamczyk

Łęczyca  parish  type of record: death;  year:  1817  name and surname of the person or persons  Szymon Beron  card number  p. 152

In the case of Latin acts, the name of the parish, type of act, full date, place, name and surname of the person or persons appearing in the act, and the card number should be provided.


Parish:  Sobota;  type of record: marriage;  date:  17.10.1779;  place:  Saturday;  name and surname of the person or persons:  Szymon Adamczewski and Konstancja Topolska;  record and/page number:  147v


3. The price for a single vital record is 20 PLN. Once the Archive has located the record(s), the requestor will be notified via e-mail along with instructions to make the payment via bank transfer.  The Archive requires that confirmation of the bank transfer be received via e-mail prior to providing the record(s).


4. The title of the wire transfer should contain the formula: for the maintenance of vital registers and the "order number" given in the response to the order; i.e. the maintenance of vital registers; order No. 17/11/15.


5. All bank transfers are to be made to the account number below.


Bank ING 

Acc. no PL52 1050 1461 1000 0023 1884 6652




Account owner details:


Kuria Diecezjalna Łowicka

20 Stary Rynek Street

99-400 Łowicz


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